Placeholders and multiple masters

I have two questions regarding placeholders in text tool view. When I have placeholders and flip through the character set using the function + arrow keys, the placeholders do not update immediately, but is one step behind. Is there a way around this?

Secondly, I like to compare spacing and kerning between the masters. A nice way would be to have a line of text for each master, and then again flip through the character set. Unfortunately, the placeholders are displayed always in the master where the cursor is, also if the placeholders are between letters of the other master. This is logical, but not very practical, because I can’t think of any case where you need spacing or kerning between different weights.

thanks, Ludwig

On your first point, this is a longstanding and annoying bug. The workaround I use is to force an update with a quick right-arrow left-arrow within the text.

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ok, I see. Thanks.

I, too, find that bug annoying. Switching between the light and bold masters while looking at a placeholder array would be a great way to ensure consistent spacing of a glyph throughout the weight spectrum. Having to twitch to and fro to update the placeholders breaks the direct comparison. :frowning: