platformID 1 name entries

As a matter of principle, I don’t provide fonts with platformID 1 names. Is there anyway to make Glyphs stop generating them (it should be the default IMO, but I’m OK with a non-default option).

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I reduced the number of entries for platform 1 in Glyphs 3 but the remaining ones seem to be quite useful in various places.

I added a Export Mac Name Table Entries parameter that can be unchecked to not have mac names.

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It’s been a while, but we did run into problems whenever we left out name ID 6. That is why I kept Mac ID 6 in font productions I administered. Not sure what it was though, perhaps just a negligible constellation of OS and app circumstances. I can try and dig it up if it is of any interest.

ufo2ft/fontmake stopped building platformID 1 names for sometime now, I faced no issues and I think none were reported by others.