platformID 1 name entries

As a matter of principle, I don’t provide fonts with platformID 1 names. Is there anyway to make Glyphs stop generating them (it should be the default IMO, but I’m OK with a non-default option).

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I reduced the number of entries for platform 1 in Glyphs 3 but the remaining ones seem to be quite useful in various places.

I added a Export Mac Name Table Entries parameter that can be unchecked to not have mac names.

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It’s been a while, but we did run into problems whenever we left out name ID 6. That is why I kept Mac ID 6 in font productions I administered. Not sure what it was though, perhaps just a negligible constellation of OS and app circumstances. I can try and dig it up if it is of any interest.

ufo2ft/fontmake stopped building platformID 1 names for sometime now, I faced no issues and I think none were reported by others.

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I’m using this now, but it seems that name IDs 4 and 6 are still written to platform ID 1 even wen the custom parameter is set to false, is this intentional?

I’m guessing some other parameter is interfering. What does your font info look like?

(I disabled all custom parameters and it made no difference).

I fixed it.

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I upgraded to 3087 build, but I’m seeing no change here.

You are right. Wrong branch.

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Works now, thanks!