Plausible kerning combination mark

Just thinking out loud while working on spacing and kerning. But it wouldn’t it be a nice feature, when G2 could show in some way if a pair of glyphs you want to kern is a plausible combination.

I was inspired by:

Especially for combinations of accented characters.

All combinations are plausible. Just because somebody ran searches against dictionaries and thinks they’ve nailed down all important kerning pairs doesn’t meant they’re right.

I am well aware that all combinations are plausible, that is how I kern. But in some cases, smaller one time jobs for example, it might save some work.

The problem is also that, while a pair may be unplausible in words of the languages you cover, it may very well appear in an abbreviation.

For instance, German sharp s (ß) can only appear after vowels in German words. But then I saw an abbreviation, I think it was Rßft. for Rußfilter or something like that, and the R crashed into the ß. Duh.

However, one exception I can think of is the case where a letter only appears in one language, like Tbar, which only appears in Northern Sami. Any combination with a letter that does not appear in that language, like Q, may be left out. But, of course, you can never be 100% sure. Perhaps it is used for a new transliteration of a Non-Latin script, you know.

Maybe you are right :smile: