Please change "Azeri" to Azerbaijani or Azerbaijan

Hello. Please change the word Azeri to Azerbaijan or Azerbaijani in the Font info section as well as where there is a language change section. Because we have a more correct spelling in this form. The other does not belong to us. I hope I was able to explain my point.

Can you explain the difference in meaning?

The Wikipedia article will need updating too, in that case, it makes a lot of references to “Azeri”. Azerbaijani language - Wikipedia

Yes, I agree with you. The Azeri part in Wikipedia is also wrong. Many ethnic minorities and nationalities live in Azerbaijan. As a majority, Turks, that is, Turkic-speaking peoples, are more numerous. Therefore, we are considered Azerbaijanis and our language is Azerbaijani.

I don’t understand. The two terms are terms for the same language, no? What is the difference?

What is wrong about the term “Azeri”? Azerbaijani is a Turkic language, hence the name Azeri which derives from Old Azeri.

Please forgive me if I’m misunderstanding.

I understand you. Unfortunately, we are having difficulty preventing this type of writing. I am now a font designer and can help in my field in this way. The word “Azeri” was invented during the Soviet era. It was done to create ethnic discrimination. But the correct spelling is Azerbaijani.

I see, it seems I didn’t properly read earlier.

For whoever is interested:
Old Azeri (Indo-European, Iranian): Old Azeri - Wikipedia

not to be confused with:
Azerbaijani (Turkic): Azerbaijani language - Wikipedia

The use of the terms is still confusing to me and I don’t quite understand why Azeri is often used interchangeably with Azerbaijani.

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In short, you can be sure that “Azerbaijani” is a more correct spelling.

I have changed it. Thanks for the explanation.


thank you for your help

May I ask what do you call the language that Iranian Azeri people speak in this case? Then, do they also speak Azerbaijani and they are Azerbaijanis although they live in Iran?

Unfortunately, there are no Turkish language schools in Iran. Iran has banned it. They only study Persian.