Plugin issues in glyphs 3

Hello all,

I recently moved from glyphs 2 to 3 and I have some issues with my usual plugins. After installing python and vanilla I was able to use mekkablue scripts and plugins like the reporter toggler by Mark2Mark, but others just don’t work like the space bar and show rotated.

Did this problem happen to anyone else?
I am using version 3.1(3133)

Spaces Bar is working for be, but Rotate View is not yet optimized for Apple silicon Macs. Are you using an M1/M2 Mac?

Yes, I’m using an m1 pro. I guess that must be part of the problem.
odd that Spaces Bar doesn’t work

How did you install vanilla and the plugins?

I followed what Tosche said on this thread → Glyphs 3 / Python 3 / M1 - #25 by Tosche

Okay I think I figured out what I did wrong, I didn’t update the Addons to parentheses Glyphs. now the Space Bar works

For Rotate View, there is already an M1 compatible version here:

@GeorgSeifert, should we point the URL to your repository in the package index? The pull request on the official repository is now older than a year: Update plugin binary and some UI by schriftgestalt · Pull Request #7 · aaronbell/RotateView · GitHub.

@aaronbell can you merge the pull request?

Oh jeez. I just saw this. Sorry! I’ve merged it.

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