Plugin writing live update?

Hi, i start building my first Plugin and i’m experiencing an an issue, each time i make change on my code i have to restart the glyphsapp to view changes, how can i avoid it and make it live updating

Not sure I understand. What exactly do you want to do?

each time i make change on my plugin code i will have to close and restart glyphsapp

That is due to the macOS plug-in architecture. Cannot help you with that, but a restart should be quick. Disable other plug-ins for faster startup times. And you can force quit and restart right away. That’s usually the quickest way.

Also you can test and debug new code in the Macro window, or a script, before you put it in the plug-in.

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If you need to figure out some specifics (like how to draw), you can use the “Skedge” plugin. Or put some parts into a script. Those are easier to reload and will pick up changes each time you run them.

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Thank YOU @GeorgSeifert @mekkablue

You could also use entr utility to restart Glyphs if sources change.

ls | entr -rz /Applications/Glyphs\\ 3 ~/testFile.glyphs

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That is interesting but might restart too often as you might save the source files a few times until you need to see the result in Glyphs.

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Thank you i’lll try it out