Plugins doesn't work in Glyphs2

Hi, I just reinstalled all the plugins in glyphs 2 because before that; I just reinstalled my laptop too. But strangely, all the plugins that I installed were not working.

I’m using glyphs 2 versions 2.6.6 (1352) & macOS Mojave. Here is also a list of plugins I installed:

What should I do? Any advice?

Thank you.

What do you mean by ‘not working’? Do you get any error messages in the macro window?

I mean that I can’t use the plugins I have installed, for example, when I use the “show top and bottom” plugins nothing happens, and neither does the other plugins.

as the screenshot below

I’ve also installed add ons.

Is there anything in the macro panel? And what happens if you activate the plugins from the view menu?

The macro panel show this:

I activated the plugin via the view menu and it turns out that now it can be used. I have to activate all plugins via the view menu, then after that, I can activate them via the sidebar.

Thank you

Then it is a bug in the Reporter toggler Plugin.