Plumblines plug-in crashing, Python issues?

Hello, I was trying to add the plumblines plug-in to add diacritics to my italic font, but it crashes when I restart Glyphs to use it.

I’ve removed and reinstalled the plug-in several times, but I keep getting the message that it crashes upon restarting.

I’m not sure if this is an issue with Python as well? I am trying to install Python runtime but I click install and restart glyphs but when I run my macro panel I get the message that there is no compatible version of Python 3 installed.

It says Python is installed in my modules but I’m unable to select a version of Python from the drop down menu in my settings and my Macro Panel doesn’t run. I’m on the latest update of glyphs and I’ve tried removing Python and the plumblines plugin and reinstalling but I get the same message upon restarting. I’m not sure what the issue is or how to solve it, but if you have any ideas I’d greatly appreciate it, thank you so much!

The Python installation takes longer than the UI indicates. Please reinstall the Python module and give it 5-6 min more before you restart.

Hello, I reinstalled the Python module and waited ten minutes before quitting Glyphs and restarting twice but I still get the same message with plumblines. I’ve tried removing and reinstalling and waiting a few hours before restarting and nothing seems to change with plumblines.

I’m not sure if I’m restarting glyphs wrong or if it’s an issue with plumblines or python? I’m able to download other python scripts and it seems like my macro panel is running so I think python installed correctly after waiting. If you have any idea on what the issue could be or how to get plumblines to properly install, I would really appreciate it, thank you so much!

did you re-install the plum line plugin, too?