PNGs in SBIX exports are converted from 8-bit palette to 32-bit RGBA

I just imported an SBIX font into Glyphs, saved it out again, and was surprised that it increased in size by 3x. After some inspection it seems that the PNGs were originally 8-bit palette+trans PNGs, but get re-saved out as 32-bit RGBA, hence the size difference. Is there any way i can avoid this?

Glyphs should just copy the png data into the font. What do you use as path extension of the files (it should be ‘.png’ (lowercase)). Can you send me the .glyphs file and some of the .png?

so this is opening an existing sbix font ttf which has 8-bit pngs in it, and then exporting OTF from it, which saves it back out with 32-bit pngs in the sbix section. I’m not manipulating external png files as far as I know. A ttf which displays this behaviour is

Right. Thanks for the report. I’ll fix this.

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