Pos (vertical shift) not working in features preview

… as title says. in indesign it works, in glyphs it doesn’t

The preview pane does not support GPOS features. Only basic kerning and cursiv attachment.

Glyphs only previews GSUB features and Kerning.

i see. okay.

just curious:
what is »cursiv attachment«?

See the Arabic video in Getting Started for an example.


while i saw you selecting the ».init«, ».medi«, ».fina« I instantly wondered if this was a cut-edit or if there is a shortcut trick to select them like seen?!

this brings me to another still unsolved thing:
in the features/classes editor, it is still not possible to skip via option-cursor stopping not only behind/before glyphnames but also the suffix (»aacute.ss01«). I think would be just convienient, and feels like a missing behaviour for real intitiveness. (i posted that in another thread but got no answer)

  1. in that mentioned editor you can doubleclick the suffix to highlight it, or just the glyphname – in the cmd-shift-g (make new glyph) panel, this doesn’t work.

any chance on taking care on these my requests?

Opt-selecting for vertical selections works in most Mac apps.

oh, when you hit option before mouse clicking. great!