Positional shape in arabic font : don't work


I have a problem with an arabic font : When I type in RTL mode, I don’t have the correct positional shape.

Do you know what could be the problem ?

Thank you :slight_smile:



What are the names of the glyphs?

I let you watch (it’s my first arabic font)

The automatic positional forms only work in Edit View when the glyph names end in .init, .medi, or .fina (for initial, medial, and final forms, respectively).

So, uniFE9F should be named jeem-ar.init and so on.

Go to FileFont Info…Other and uncheck Use custom naming.

Then, select the glyphs that should be renamed and run GlyphUpdate Glyph Info to rename the glyphs.

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Thank you very muck ! that works ! :slight_smile:

Little problem :

Do I have to change the code manually now that I have changed the names of the glyphs?

Oh I think I found it! (must check the box just above?) :slight_smile:

Yes, check Générer la fonction automatiquement for the feature code to be generated automatically.

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Ok thank you.
Is it possible to do it with calt ? (and Prefix) ?
I started doing it manually… and it’s loooong :confused:

calt cannot be automated since the feature has not a single, well-defined purpose. What are you trying to do with calt?

I don’t know, I took this code from an existing font.

Usually, is it not necessary in an arabic font? I want to say : is it not an obligation?
Do you think I can delete this part without consequence?

What font are you using as a basis? Maybe there are source files for that font available instead of opening the OTF/TTF in Glyphs.

No it is not.

Please read this:

You can copy the feature code into a text editor (TextMate, Sublime, Textedit) and use the services to convert the names. System Services | Glyphs

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I suggest:

  • backing up the existing feature code in case you need it later
  • deleting the features
  • automating them all

Probably better to have a clean slate.

@mekkablue That is true for most features. But the calt might be needed.