Possible Bug with Automatic Alignment in Glyphs Mini

I’m testing out the trial version of Glyphs Mini (2.1.3). I created a smart component, added it to a glyph, and turned on automatic alignment, but the glyph position doesn’t match the component’s position (the glyphs is way off to the left). Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but the full version of Glyphs doesn’t seem to have this problem.

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Thanks for the file. I fixed it.

Did the mini version ever get updated? I kept checking for a new cutting edge version, but an update was never available… now my trial has expired.

Any update on when this fix will be released?


Trying to recreate it myself, but: How did you create a smart component in Mini in the first place?

It was created in the full version of Glyphs. I was just surprised that when I opened the same file in Mini, and the smart components were all misaligned.

That seems to be an issue in Glyphs mini indeed. I’ll have a look.