Possible to set a distance between non-aligned nodes?

If you select two nodes, you get the handy extra info box that shows their horizontal and vertical distances (among other things). I would find it useful to also see their direct distance (along the hypotenuse you could say) in that box–especially if I could enter a number into that field and have the position(s) adjust as I can with the H and V measurements.

This would be super useful for establishing consistency, for example making the thickness of the terminals the same in letters that end at all different directions.

Being able to see and set the angle (as you can with guides) would be a bonus.

EDIT: I see that the Show Distance and Angle plug-in is a way of getting the math, but not inputting the desired distance as I’m requesting.

It’s in the plugin manager. :slight_smile:

What do you mean by »inputting«?
You can select two nodes, the info appears, and then just adjust the nodes via the bounding box OR the w/h values while having the info still visible.

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By “inputting,” I mean I’d like to be able to click in a field and type 50 if I want the distance to be 50.
I do concede that adjusting the bounding box holding option (to center the adjustment) and shift (to retain the proportions) gets me to the same end, but not as neatly as direct-entry would.