Postscript Family Name in Variable Fonts without "Regular"

When I export my variable font I get an unwanted name extension to the Postscript name and the full name. It adds “Regular” everywhere. First I thought this is an issue only I have because I made a mistake somewhere, but when checking other variable fonts available for download I noticed the same issue:

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Is there a way to export a variable font without this issue?

Try the custom parameter variableStyleName in Font Info > Font. It allows you to set the primary style name. You cannot have no style name, though.

Thank you, that fixed it. There is a follow-up issue:

Automatic PostScript names for variable font instances leave a lot to be desired. Apple Font Book shows them end up as FamilyName-Italic_Bold-Italic, rather than the expected FamilyName-BoldItalic (which is correctly generated for static fonts).

I’ve tried setting postScriptFontName custom parameter. I expected it would be written into fvarInstanceRecordpostScriptNameID field as described in OpenType spec. As far as I can see it is not.

Is there a way to override the auto-generated PostScript names for variable font instances?

I cannot help you with Apple’s implementation, but do take a look at STAT. There is a description in the variable font tutorial.