(PostScript) Font Name custom parameter not working in variable font export

Hi all,
I generally add the (PostScript) Font Name custom parameter to all the styles of a font to shorten it to the required 29 characters. However, this custom parameter is ignored on VF export and the full-length names are written out in the name table (and then referenced as postscriptNameID in fvar):

Is there a fix planned for this? Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

I fixed it. But then there is the possible issue that the name conflicts with the Variable postscript prefix.

Thanks! I just realized that too

While we’re on this topic, the name ID custom parameters in the variable instance don’t seem to be having any effect (e.g. in this example, where we shorten “Variable” to “Var” to keep the PS name ID short)

Why not use the “variationsPostScriptNamePrefix” property?