Potential UI/UX improvements for multiple axes masters?

I’m not sure if anyone else has suggested about this, but do you guys think it would be a good idea to have a better interactions to create multiple axes masters? The “lattice” structures people often used to explain what variable fonts can be might be a good way to be the interactive piece where designers can define multiple masters & axes & instances for their fonts. Right now the only thing to do is to keep adding masters in the master panel, which really feels one-dimensional and it’s quite easy to lose tracking of what’s going on when I have 3 axes.

The same thing goes for instances as well. We’ve talked about linear relations/geometric relations/Pablo distributions for setting up instances but they all require some maths to do them right which becomes very difficult when you have multiple axes. It would be great to provide a graph/lattice showing the “design area” of the current typeface and allow users to draw curves/define functions to set up instances.

What would it look like in five dimensions?