Powerpoint 2023 MAC. PC Kerning issue


Since the latest update of Powerpoint we can’t access the “advanced font tab” which allowed us to enable Kerning or not.

Now it seems that PW doesn’t handle Kerning from fonts whatsoever. I’ve checked that with tons of different font families and the issue remain. Now I don’t know if maybe we need to add a new specific parameter or w/e.

Anyone got a solution about it?

Does kerning still not work if it is all placed in one single lookup?

You can check the kern feature by going into the Temp folder (navigate to it quickly by clicking “Open Scripts Folder”). There, you can find a temp folder for your latest exported family. Inside it, there is a .fea file. Check that all the kerning is in one lookup.

Okay found solution:

Mekkablue script: Kerning Flattener to have Export kern tables


That’s the only way for me to make it work right now in that dreaded Powerpoint

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That is what I would have recommended.