PPT glyphs issue

Hi, I’m having a problem with the Non-Latin (Georgian) alphabet in MS PowerPoint. When I try to change the font of some text that’s already been typed, it doesn’t recognise the font. However, if I start typing from scratch, it somehow works. Additionally, PowerPoint has several issues with Georgian letters. There are no uppercase letters (I’m not sure if it’s because of the Glyphs issue or MS Office itself), and PowerPoint also ignores kernings. If you have any solutions for these problems, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Video Screen: PPT issue

Kerning in Powerpoint is a lost cause.

I would test the font in a proper app (e.g. a web browser). Of it works there, it is most likely fine.

Getting it to work in Microsoft apps is tricky. One thing that sometimes helps in to add all glyphs from the Windows 1252 codepage.

@GeorgSeifert Thank you for your answer, can you pleasee tell me about ‘Windows 1252 codepage’ and how can I add all glyphs there.

Issue is that client wants to use the font in PPT, otherwise it works just fine. MS office is somehow always an issue for me

I would create a subset for powerpoint specifically. There’s a plugin called flatten kerning by mekkablue which helps. It’s SO darn tricky though to fix everything for PPT. But that one does work. Forget any stylistic set, everything needs to be “inline” so to speak, meaning no special sauce in the font whatsoever. Flatten Kerning also ignores ssXX glyphs so in a font where you have special characters, kerning will mostly be lost. The pairs are also limited to about 2.5k kerning pairs.

Oh wow thank you!