Preview and Metrics updating breaks / Re-open all previous windows on re-open?

I’ve posted about this before but can’t pin down exactly what leads to this happening — but basically, the bottom preview panel and the ‘Info’ box stop updating.

To get this working again I have to close Glyphs and re-open: would it be possible to have a re-open all previous windows function?

This is useful for me when I have other font files open (ttf/otf) for comparative purposes and have text tabs – but haven’t saved this file since I’m not editing – and when I close Glyphs apps, I don’t want lose all the text tabs and have to redo it again.

It should reopen all windows automatically. Try force quitting it (opt+right click the dock icon).
What macOS do you have?

I’ve noticed it’s actually enough just to close that particular glyphs file window and re-open to get the preview & info panel working again.

I'm on 10.8.5. It doesn't work for me. The problem is they're just .ttf/.otf files so it asks instead if I want to Save, since I've typed out some texts and Glyphs would make a .glyphs file instead.

if you have saved is as .glyphs, the autosave works better.