Preview Contextual Kerning In Glyphs App

Is there a way to do this without generating the fonts and testing it in a layout app?

I’m actually working on something for that right now. But also since quite some time. And it will take a little longer, since it’s very complex …

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Sounds great! Any thing about interpolating contextual kerning too :slight_smile: ?

That’s part of the game. Let’s se …

I have some ideas about that, too. But can’t promise anything right now.

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Apologies for bumping up this old conversation :pray:
I am working on a font for the Brahmi script where marks go all over the base glyph, including the left side. Instead of adding pre-composed glyphs for some sequences, I’m trying to use GPOS and contextual kerning to reduce the font size. The techniques work with manual feature code - but will be much easier if I can do it visually. Has there been any developments with visual contextual kerning?

You should be able to get a valid and live output in Window > Text Preview. but you need to have instances defined in Font Info > Exports.

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