Preview Looks super pixelated, not sure what to do

Hey all!

I started with glyphs mini and built a typeface before deciding to buy Glyphs 3. I figured they wouldn’t be all that different, and I don’t think they are. I’ve been struck with confusion off the rip trying to begin my first typeface in Glyphs 3, and I’m not sure what my problems are.

I don’t know what the best settings are or anything to set up a typeface, but I’ve attached screen grabs of what’s happening when I create shapes.

I’m not sure why it’s all pixelated and not filled in, both in preview mode and when I’m designing. How do I solve?

Thank you in advance!

Here is a screen grab of the metrics I’m designing under as well, not sure if that is part of the issue:

I now see that I am an idiot and it’s just too small.

Under View, deselect Show Hints; that will make the gray go away.

It was deselecting ‘Show Pixel Preview’ that fixed, but your comment showed me the right place to look, so thank you!

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Just a hint (no pun intended): it looks like you have a stray point on your n (the left side bearing is at -1025). Use Tidy Up Paths to remedy this, otherwise I very much recommend the essential plugin Show Angled Handles, available in the plugin manager. It will highlight a range of possible issues and is indispensable to ensuring correct outlines.