Preview Options for mark positioning

I have just downloaded a trial version of Glyphs 2.5.1. I like many of its features, but I am very puzzled about how to preview the effects of open type positioning features.

The manual states (p. 47) that the preview option will work only for substitution features and not for positioning features. I assume this means that the effects of mark-to-base and mark-to-mark will not show up in preview?

The suggested solution, as I understand it, is to continually export the font to your Adobe fonts folder and to test the outcome using “any” Adobe application. But which Adobe application are we talking about here? (The manual doesn’t say … I suppose I should already know, but I don’t.)

But I don’t really feel like buying InDesign, for example. It’s not really in my current budget. I am not a professional font desginer or graphic artist, but an academic who makes fonts for extremely specialized uses and which have no real market value.

Is it really the case that without InDesign, you can’t really do what you need to do with Glyphs? (I consider mark-to-base and mark-to-mark to be essential open type features, not fancy add-ons.)

Does anyone have a suggestion for getting around this problem that does not involve shelling out a load of money to Adobe?

Thanks — I really would like to use Glyphs if I can.

There are some options that are if you select an anchor, it shows a “cloud” of all accents that can attach on this letter and all letters in the edit view. And if you type some letters and select an anchor in a mark glyph, then you see that mark in all the other glyphs.

Just to be clear, I did type ACGJ, not their accents variants.

Another thing you can do, since the major browsers have excellent OpenType support, is use a font testing page. This one is a classic:

Just drag your font in, and it will be displayed with a generous selection of OpenType features. Mark positioning is enabled by default. Or for a variable font

which annoys somewhat with its busyness, but works well for testing all of a font’s features.

LibreOffice also has excellent OpenType support (though no API for it: you have to suffix feature tags to the font name), including mark positioning, which is on by default. (But unfortunately you have to install the font to test in LibreOffice.)

If you want to do more specific or advanced previews, you can try the Show Mark Preview plug-in from Window > Plugin Manager. It just stacks all combining marks you insert into Edit view onto all letters you insert in it.

You can also use the free TextPreview. But you cannot preview PS hinting with it. I assume you know how to insert combining marks?

Thanks to all of you for your very helpful replies.

I will try these options and see what I can do with them.

I do use LibreOffice and OpenOffice to test open type features as well as Mellel, which does a good job with some (but not all, depending on the script in question.)

I really appreciate that people responded to my question so quickly.

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Is it still possible to show the accents by clicking an anchor? Since the Glyphs 3 Update i cannot see the “ghost accents” any more. Is there a way to switch this option on and off? :slight_smile:

There is a “Display Mark Cloud” option in Preferences > Appearence.