Preview paragraph text

Help needed:

How do I preview a paragraph in Glyphs? I would also like to reduce text preview size

You mean you like to have multi line text in the preview area?

I usually preview bigger amounts of text in Indesign:

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In the Edit view, just zoom in or out.

As for the Preview area at the bottom, you can resize it by dragging its edge up and down.

About paragraphs: different apps can have very different ways of determining the line heights (and other parameters important for paragraph setting), so it is not a good idea to preview paragraphs in Glyphs in the first place.

Note that you can also control the paragraph width by setting the “Text View Width” in Preferences > User Settings. Maybe that is what Tihana meant?


Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to adjust Text View Width visually in the window itself, say by dragging the right margin of the “page” in or out?

I try not to add sich features as it adds clutter to the interface and you might accidentally drag it…

I respect those principles. But I do have to say that the non-visual, different-window, unexplained-unit way of choosing Text View Width is one of the less satisfying UI bits of Glyphs.

I deeply agree. It took me a while to understand why I can't see even Hamburgefonstiv in one line of text. And where to fix it.

I doubled the figure in the field and and it didn’t help much. It would be nice if there was just a simple function that when you input a certain amount of characters the width function increases.

I think setting much larger value as default will stop some of the complaints. 5500 seems too short in most cases.