Preview small caps in Glyphs Mini

I’m working on developing my first font. I’m using Glyphs Mini trial. Plan to purchase either Mini or Full soon. At this point I have Uppercase (UC) and Small Caps (SC), no Lowercase. Is there a keyboard shortcut so I can type both UC and SC in the preview window? I’ve looked around but can’t seem to find how to do this.

Thanks, Bob

If you don’t have lowercase, you just put the SC in those spots.

Thanks for the reply. At this point I don’t have lowercase but plan to have them in the font, so I created SC glyphs. If I have both LC and SC, is there a way to shift between them while typing in preview mode?

This is only available in the full version of Glyphs.

Cool. I was wondering about that. Would a work-a-round to create two fonts, one with LC and the other with SC as LC? Also, does Glyphs Mini do Ligatures?

If you stick to the naming convention, ligatures work in Mini, e.g., f_k.