Previewing on a separate monitor

Is there any plugin out there that is specially made for previewing on a separate monitor? Would be quite nice actually if Glyphs had possibility of detatching windows instead of everything being fixed in tabs. That way I could just drag some windows over to the other monitor. Any solutions?

there is preview panel which is a separate preview window on window> preview panel. But its features are a little bit limited.

Ye I’m aware of that panel and like you say it is quite limited.

There are plug-ins (Waterfall and GlyphSILE).

But I recommend to keep a browser, TextPreview or InDesign window on the 2nd monitor, and see the font in its natural environment.

Thank you mekkablue. I’ll check out these scripts.
I of course often check the typeface in other programs, but I’m more thinking of the workflow while drawing, and without exporting all the time.

Exporting is quite quick: Cmd+E+Enter. If you use the Adobe fonts folder, you get an update in a second or two.

Yep, i know that. But, like I said, I’d like it to be inside the program and instant. Not everyone’s needs are the same:) Being able to have separate windows instead of tabs would be perfect actually, but I understand(from other threads) this is something you don’t like/need.

Or If there was another preview window as well, but that one would work just like a normal window where you could write whatever would also be perfect. But I will just have to dream about this happening in the future!

Have you tried the plug-ins?

Yes. the Waterfall works alright, it’s instant and I have the choice of writing what I want. But it’s still a bit limited since it’s not possible to really adjust anything.
The SILE preview is not instant and I might as well use the InDesign method.

Have you tried the Simple Preview plugin? I recently started using and like the ability to change the font size without changing the panel size (a feature I wish the regular preview panel had).

There is also Rotate View which is nice because it is a separate panel which allows focusing on a single glyph…along with rotating it.

Simple preview does indeed look to be something that I’m looking for. I downloaded it some time ago and without much testing I ran out of the 15 day trial! So I’m gonna try to get it activated again now.

Rotate View might be useful for something, but still just focuses on the same as the preview panel does.

Can you make a mock-up of what you like to see? A quick photoshop or a pencil sketch.