Print glyph names smaller

I want to print out the character set of a font with its glyph names. Unfortunately, the long font names are cropped, see image. That’s fine for me, but not for sending it to a client.

The solution to just print 6 glyphs in one column is not possible, as it would turn into too many pages.

Is there a fix for that? I guess not, but maybe…

Or is there any webtool, that can do that?

There is, if you’re familiar with Python.

Otherwise try (costly, though).

Why as an image?

I added the image to show you the cropped names.
I will send the characterset as a pdf within a quote to a customer.

I still don’t understand what you are trying to do. Or what is not working as expected.

Can you post an image of what you like to get (made up in another app). And the results you get from Glyphs that is different/broken.

I want to save the characterset of a typeface via cmd+p as a pdf. I also want the glyph names to appear below the glyphs. So far, nothing new, all works.

But the glyph names are cropped, when there are too many glyphs in one column. So I need to have the font size of the glyph names to be smaller.

See the difference when selecting 9 vs 12 glyphs in one column.

Can you show what what final pdf should look like?

this is a larger Screenshot. A lot of glyphs names are cropped as they are too long. in such cases, i want to have the font size smaller. or the name in two lines.


→ my client does not know, that “.o” is “.osf”.

I see. You might need to use less columns, Because even with a smaller (or narrower) font, in a grid like this there will always be clipping.