Printing and Encoding (?) Issue

a client asked for an adapted version of Montserrat. The «new» fonts have a printing problem: In InDesign, PDFs and Word all looks fine. When printing some accents move, some glyphs disappeared. Any ideas anyone?
Thanks – Henning

What font files are you printing with? TTFs? Are you using transformed and/or nested components? Fontbakery can find these for you, did you run any checks?

Just to be sure, are you working with the Glyphs source files for Montserrat?

Hi Sebastian,
thanks for the reply.
Printing with TTFs. And yes, the glyphs in question contain nested component.

Just to be sure, are you working with the Glyphs source files for Montserrat?
Also yes, we used the source files from Montserrat.

Am I right to assume that we need to »unnest« the components? Is there a custom parameter to »easily« treat this?

There is a custom parameter PreFilter. You can install my filter “Remove Nested Components” and then add RemoveNestedComponents to the PreFilter parameter to every instance, like this:

My filter is not on the plugin manager, but you can find it here: GitHub - eweracs/remove-nested-components: Glyphs filter to remove nested components

Note that this is only necessary for TT exports, not for CFF.

Thanks a million. This solved it.
Cheers! — H

Glad that helped. Note you need to also look out for transformed components (scaled, flipped, etc.) – you can use a similar method by adding another PreFilter parameter with DecomposeTransformedComponents after installing my filter: GitHub - eweracs/decompose-transformed-components

Transformed components should decompose automatically.