Prioritize dlig's

Is it possible to prioritise .dligs? I tried the following code:

sub f’ [e_a]’ by f_e.liga a;

sub [s_t]’ i’ by s t_i.liga;

but that doesn’t work. Also, would I need to do it for every stylistic set (e.g. a.ss01, a.ss02)?

I don’t quite understand the intention. Do you have fe and fa ligatures that you’re trying to write in one line, or you only have fe ligature that is supposed to occur only when it’s followed by a?

I have f_e.liga and e_a (dlig). If I enable Ligatures and Discretionary Ligatures in InDesign for example and I write: fea, I get f e_a. However, I’d like to get f_e a. Hope it makes more sense now.

Got it. It seems to be just a matter of reordering your features. If you drag dlig above liga, then dlig happens first. By the point liga is executed, the string had already become f e_a so the f_e.liga substitution won’t be triggered.

That worked perfectly, thanks a lot!!