Problem, automatically update corner components

I have the following problem. I placed a corner component in a Smart.component. The smart.component contains 2 different states (lowcrotch and width), which I then modified for the letters h and m. Now I wanted to customize my corner components. The smart components, which I have not modified with a controller, are updated automatically, but the smart components like h and m are only updated when I move them. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a short cut that all glyphs update the corner component?

Here’s a video of the Problem:

Kind regards

Can you send me the file that I can have a look?

Thanks. Of course… it’s just a basic-testfile:
Here’s the Dropbox link:

Hi Georg, did you find a solution?
Kind regards

That should be fixed in version 1340 that I just uploaded.

Thanks! Where can I get the version? In the menu “Check for updates” says that I already have the latest version.

Did you activate “Show Cutting edge versions” in Preferences > Updates?

thank you!