Problem convert file from Glyphs 2 to Glyphs 3

I opend today a glyphs file (which I created in Glyphs 2) in Glyphs 3 (3100), and I detected some wired changes. For instance, the sidebearings of small caps changed. However, when I export the font in Glyphs 3, the sidebearings are ok.
Or, components with non-automatic alignment changed to automatic, which leads to wrong widths of tabular numbers.

This is how it looks in glyphs 2 and how it is intended:

This is how the some file looks in glyphs 3 (the glyph seem shifted):

Strangely enough, when I export from Glyphs 3, the sidebearings are again 80 left and right.

Here are a tabular number in glyphs 2 (left) and glyphs 3 (right). Glyphs 3 changed to automatic alignment, which leads to a wrong width.

The metrics are measured from the corresponding x-height. And measuring from the small cap hight is not good. I’ll fix this. So the outlines didn’t move, just the frame of reverence that is used to measure the sidebearings.

Please check the vertical metrics settings in the masters if everything is correct. There should be an entry like this:

Click one of the blue buttons and remove the “Custom Name”. (I’ll change it that it will not add that by default).

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When I remove the “Custom Name” nothing changes. When I reopen the file, the “Cusom Name” is automatically added again.

And the components wrongly set to automatic alignment?

Set the file to “Version 3” in Font Info > Others, otherwise it will write a Glyphs 2 file and that roundtrips that metrics to the smallCapHeight custom parameter.

ok. But the sidebearing values are still wrong.

The spacing is correct, but the sidebearings show the wrong numbers. I fixed it.