Problem converting the PostScript source font (because of bracket tapering)


I have several errors preventing exporting the font, but I have pinpointed a particular error happening in the brackets—the auto hinter doesn’t like the tapering of horizontals (see screenshot). I hope I have the stem thicknesses in Font Info > Masteres entered correctly.

File also attached.

Bracket Test.glyphs (14.5 KB)

Check the weight axes values. In your Regular master, change the weight in Axes Coordinates to a non-zero number. A number of folk use the stem width, so in this example, I’d select 18. And then 120 for the Bold master. In the Font Info > Exports tab, also adjust the weight in the Axes Coordinates for the Regular instance. You may want to adjust the others to match the new scale, too.

That should allow the autohinter to work properly. Hope that helps.

I fixed it.