Problem error exporting variable font

Hello, got a problem on my glyphs file to export a variable font. When I try to export it, it says that there’s some problem with the instance of the bold being outside of the interpolation space. How can I fix this?

With two masters, you only need one axis. And How it looks the Thin has 100 has Weight? What are the coordinates of the Bold instances? If it follows the logic of the masters, you set it to 700? Variable fonts can extrapolate, meaning that all instances need to be between 100 and 500.

no actually the bold is setted to 600. hairline is 100, then light 300, regular 400, medium 500 and bold 600. I just don’t know why it says that “instance is outside of the interpolation space: bold”. So, as I understood from you, is the problem due to the max weight of the bold? Should I put 500 instead of 600?

The message could not be much clearer. The instance is outside of the interpolation space defined by your two masters. Your maximum value is set to 500, so your variable font can only contain instances up to 500.