Problem exporting because of a filter

I’m trying to export my font but either otf and ttf don’t work.
When I export, a window opens and says “The filter “New Value” was referenced in the custom parameters, but is not installed.” Why is the filter not installed?
The font is only drawn in moonlike and has squares that are filled. Here is the filter in question: OffsetCurve;10;10;1;0.5;keep;,

At least one instance has a custom parameter ‘Filter’ with a value of ‘New Value’. You need to remove that.

Indeed it was the case and I remove it all. No more window error. But the type isn’t how it’s suppose to be after exporting .
The squares that are supposed to be filled, are now outlined. But I excluded that component from the filter, therefore I don’t understand why it still applies it to the squares…

The filter is applied after the components are decomposed. You can try to run the offset path as a ‘PreFilter’. (I’m not at my Mac right now so I can’t try if it actually before the decomposition)

I’m not sure you understood. The squares have to stay components to be able to exclude their name in the filter:

As you can see in the images, the result should be full squares and without the thickness of the outline.

Replace the ‘Filter’ in the left column with ‘PreFilter’ (or ‘Prefilter’ I’m not at my Mac right now).

It worked!! thanks a lot :slight_smile: