Problem exporting to InDesign


I am having a problem exporting my font, specifically to InDesign 17.2.

I am creating a typeface with Glyphs 3 and I am using the Adobe Fonts folder to test my font (having followed the tutorial on the site) and it works normally in all Adobe programs except InDesign - it does not display my font in the search bar of the character menu.
On Illustrator or Photoshop, no problem - the font displays correctly; I tried exporting other external and internal typefaces to Glyphs in the Adobe Fonts folder (to understand if InDesign was the problem), but again, no problem to report - the fonts display correctly in the menu; I cleared the caches with the Glyphs tutorial, to no avail; I changed the name and some of the settings of my font, to no avail…

I think that the problem must come from my file, but I am not experienced enough on the software to understand where exactly it comes from, that’s why, after all my attempts to solve it, I address to people more competent than me to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: