Problem exporting variable font

I’m having some trouble exporting a variable font test I’m working on, and could use some help. Here is the error message I’m getting:

Problem generating Feature Variations
In glyph: .notdef: Master is outside of the interpolation space at 400 and axis rage: 100-200

And here are the axis settings for my masters:

I’ve been fiddling around with the settings for a while to see if I could make something work, but keep hitting this same wall. Maybe the solution is obvious, but I’m kind of in the weeds now and could use some help. Thank you!

Can you show the layer panel of the .notdef glyph?

This is not an issue with the notdef glyph, this error message simply already pops up when generating the first glyph of the font (.notdef).

I got this error a few times as well when using Virtual Masters or the HOI setup with combined axes.

The master setup is not possible for variable fonts. You need to define an origin and the other masters need to align at least on one axis (it can be a bit more complicated …).

So something like could work:
75/200, 125/200, 75/700, 125/700
100/400, 75/400, 125/400, 100/200, 100/700

@GeorgSeifert I think I get what you’re saying now: Define the origin and every other master needs to have the same weight or width value? But if I use a Regular Normal width as my origin, how would that work for a Condensed Light where both the weight and width values will have to be different than the Regular Normal ones?

(Apologies if I’m misunderstanding, this is difficult to wrap my head around and I’m finding the UI for these settings a bit confusing)

You can have masters that do not match the origin, but you need some masters in-between that are.

So maybe if I added a Light Regular master it would connect them like this?

Light Condensed 75 / 200
Condensed 75 / 300
Light Regular 100 / 200
Regular 100 / 400
Light Extended 125 / 200
Extended 125 / 700

Move the Condensed 75 / 300 to 75/400 (having both might technically be possible but Glyphs can’t handle this properly and they are too close that it is worth it having both).
And you need one at 125/400.

@GeorgSeifert That worked, thank you very much! I admit, I’m still not totally clear on where my approach wasn’t working. I’m not looking for another explanation, just wanted to put in a small vote for more guide copy, error handling context, or maybe a visual matrix of some sort to show the gaps in the future of the app UI. Thank you!