Problem in showing the correct instance of Arabic glyphs by double-clicking


I don’t know if I could explain this clearly. When I write an Arabic word in edit panel and double-click on the middle glyphs that I want to edit, if that glyph is based on another glyph, it would open the original glyph beside it as expected (like when editing “khah-ar.medi” would open “hah-ar.medi”). But the problem is that the other glyph would changes to its initial form (in this example to “khah-ar.init”). And as you know the shape of that would be very different from its middle or end form that I’m working on. This was confusing at first that I didn’t know what was happening and now is annoying. It would be great that the shape of the glyph somehow stays on its original middle or final instance.

Also I guess that there is a bug in previewing of Tatweel (0640). The Arabic glyphs that come after It don’t convert to their middle or final forms at the preview band.

Hi, the .medi glyph should not be substituted by the .init glyph.
What version do you have? I just tested it in the latest version and it worked like expected.

Hi Georg,

I have the last App Store’s version, 1.3.15 (413).