Problem installing LTTR/INK

Lately, I’ve downloaded and installed Glyphs3 and LTTR/INK. They are the latest version.
Glyphs3 is running under a limited license until August, LTTR/INK is
limited for 2 months.

I installed LTTR/INK (for Glyphs3) following the instructions. However, it couldn't be loaded and crashed when I restarted Glyphs3. I removed the plugin and tried to install it again several times, but it remains the same. Glyphs3 (3.1.2) LTTR/INK (1.0) Mac OS (10.11.6)

I’m not familiar the software yet, thought the OS can be too old.
If anyone knows the solution, please let me know.

*I leave the report here as well although I contacted both ends.

How did you install the plugin?

I followed this for the installation:

  1. Download the plugin using the link you get by an email
  2. Click on it and open “LTTRINK for Glyphs 3”
  3. Click on the “Letterink.glyphsTool” file and confirm the installation.
  4. Restart Glyphs