Problem Microsoft Office kerning pairs between symbols and punctuation

Hello everybody,
first I wanted to say that Glyphs App is a really fantastic software for anyone who is a graphic designer like me and wants to start working on font creation.
I had a question, I created a font but something really absurd happens to me, when I export the font to .otf I have a kerning problem on Microsoft Office that is solved only if I delete the kerning pairs between symbols and punctuation (…, / /,./).
I believe there is some problem in exporting files.
Do you have any advice?

I tried to open another font with Glyphs App, which worked perfectly, and export it to .otf and it gives me the same problem.

There are many threads already about kerning in MS Office. Please check those out.

In short, different office apps require different solutions. Word requires the user to turn on OT features, including kerning. In some apps, particularly PowerPoint, OT support is so buggy that I wouldn’t bother fixing the app problems by adding hacks to your fonts.

Thanks for the reply.
Yes I read other messages about kerning problems with Microsoft programs but my problem seemed different.
Leaving only the kerning of the letters, everything works perfectly, inserting the kerning of the symbols and punctuation the problems begin, the kerning no longer works at all.

Hi, I’m having the same problem here. I made some TTF files especially for Powerpoint, with the feature “Write Kern Table”. I reduced the amount of pairs, removed the groups, and kerning works fine for everything, except for punctuation.

Did you figure anything out regarding kerning and PPT? Is the punctuation kerning bad?

Hey MadMotts, sorry for the late reply, I don’t think punctuation’s kerning is a problem, here is a list of things to check to have a functional kerning in office :
1 : No kerning groups : You’ll have to flatten your groups, and … (most of the time) ->
2 : Reduce the amount of pairs (>11000)
3 : Probably remove some glyphs with no unicode, be careful, the custom parameters “remove glyphs” and “update features” did not update the classes “All” and “All letters”, I assume it was the main problem.

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