Problem with accents in an All Caps Font (unicode in .otf)

Hi there,

I am finishing an all caps font and I have a problem with 2 accents, dieresis and circumflex. I attach here screenshots. I did design all accents in my Glyphs file and when I export it in .otf, 2 accents are renamed with their unicode. For info, I used the tutorial for creating the All Caps Font, I created the accented letters by hand, not with anchors because the letter itself is lower with an accent. I tried to delete and regenerate this glyphs but it did not change the problem. I probably did a mistake somewhere but not sure where to look at.

PS: Also, it does not space correctly the combined accents in the .otf.

Thanks for your help!


That may be a mistake in terms of how Glyphs opens existing OTFs. Have you tried OTMaster or FontTableViewer? Or one of the websites?

No, I am going to check right now. Thanks.

I checked on 2 websites and the problem is the same. I found the problem when I wanted to use the font in InDesign, I tried to use a circumflex letter and the software “told me” the circumflex did not exist.

Some glyphs are renamed to their production name. This is a feature and not a bug. What glyphs get a uni-name depends on various things, mostly if the name is in the “Adobe Glyph List For New Fonts”.

Just for info, when I tape ^ in Glyphs it does not displax where the other accents display.

So ok if it is not a bug but I can’t use circumflex in Adobe softwares so what should I do?

Here is what I get in InDesign. In Illustrator and Photoshop I will get the Myriad Pro letter.

What exactly are you typing?

If you press the circumflex key just like this, you will most likely get asciicircum (^).

I am typing the circumflex. So if I understand you, I did design a circumflex and typing another one? Sorry if I am confused, I am not at ease with these things :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

In Photoshop and Illustrator, when I type the circumflex, I get the one from Myriad Pro, and then if I type the letter I want to have the circumflex, it stays with Myriad Pro. InDesign is different. I get the No Glyph sign first and when I type the letter I get it right.

Depends on your keyboard layout. You can verify with UnicodeChecker’s tool window (Cmd-2) whether what you type is a circumflex, circumflexcomb or (most likely) asciicircum.

Different apps may have different fallback mechanisms for missing glyphs. You may receive a .notdef or a fallback font.

Ok thanks Rainer!!!