Problem with all my glyphs files


I tried to work on a typeface and there’s the little exclamation point near the features option telling me that there’s an error in the features. And when I look into the features panel it gives me a “there is a problem with the font” message when I click on update or compile.

I tried with other glyphs files I have and that worked before and now every file show me the exclamation point and the problem message. Some of them show me another message when I compile “There was a problem converting The Postscript source font. (temp).”

Do you have an idea where does this come from?

What is the Family Name of the font?

One is “Basteleur”, one is “Mimolette” and one is “Blocks”, nothing too fancy :confused:

Can you send me one of the .glyphs files?

I can export both versions in the latest version. So the problem seems to be fixed already. Please load the update.

It works perfectly! Thanks a lot!