Problem with auto mark and mkmk feature


there is an information:

As of version 1.3.17, the mark and mkmk features are built automatically if there are combining marks with top and _top anchors present in the font.

But when I put “top” and “_top” anchors into a breveinvertedcomb mark it is always aligned to the left sidebearing of a glyph. How to center it, or rather how to align it with corresponding anchors of letters.

Should I put “_top” anchor into other letters that marks should combining with? I did try this but nothing changed.

  1. The glyphs you want to put it upon also need a top anchor.

  2. Are you typing the right character in InDesign?

Ahh ok now it works. I pasted a comb glyph from Glyphs and an additional space was added which caused this problem.