Problem with CCMP feature

Hi! I have a problem with positioning mark after mark.

In this font I have three anchors on the top of ‘capital A’ and ‘small a’ letter too. Anchor names - “acute”, “top”, “grave”.

I need to combine A + ringcomb + acutecomb = Aringacute and similar for ‘small a’ in Adobe Indesign.

The ringcomb have anchor “_top” at the bottom side and two anchors “acute” & “top” at the top side. The acutecomb have anchor “_acute” at the bottom side. If I print A+ringcomb it seen correctly, after I print acutecomb, but it sticks to the base letter - as I think, because base letter have free anchor ‘acute’. Ringacute mark have ‘acute’ anchor too, but it secondary after base letter anchor ‘acute’.

Maybe you have an advice how to make Aringacute right using combmarks without creating addition glyph into the font.

I think should be the way to fix it. Maybe adding additional anchor at the bottom of acutecomb with different name + same anchor at the top of ringcomb, and adding some code to Ccmp feature. Something like - ignore mark ‘acute’ if printed A ringcomb acutecomb in line [ignore anchor ‘acute’ just here, because it used in other letters too]. In this case should work combination of anchors A (top) + (_top) ringcomb (newanchor) + (_newanchor) acutecomb.

Is the problem happening in Glyphs in the compost glyphs or in the app where you use the font?

Are you sure you need the extra acute/_acute anchors. Is the distance of the acute and top anchor very different in all glyphs? I never needed that.

To make it work in Glyphs, add a “acute” anchor to the ringcomb.

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Problem happening in software, I tested it in Indesign.
Main designer made desigion to use many anchors, because this is an extra wide font family from condensed to expanded subfamilies. So now i find the best way to make available to use Aringacute in apps.

Better solution would be to have a mark ligature: ringcomb_acutecomb.

But really, that is way too much effort for such an unnecessary glyph. It is not in use. It only appears in type design threads like this one. Feel free to search the forum. There was a discussion one or two years ago. And a theoretical use was explained.

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