Problem with contextual alternates in Photoshop CS6

Hi there!
I have some problems with contextual alternates in Photoshop CS6. They a not working time to time when I type the numbers to change some glyphs to 3 or 4 sets glyphs. Here is, for example, the name Anne Benatelles.

It’s look’s ok and all works good, but if I try to type the number 2 after Anne (Annee2) to make the glyph e to e.ss03 with a long element - in word Benatelles all will change and some glyphs will be made alternative and gliph s a lost at all.

Usually helps to select only the word Benatelles turn on the contextual alternative button,
but I need to fix the problem at all, and I need your help. I 'll be very thankful for your help.

Does photoshop CS6 react differently than other apps? IOW do the substitutions work as expected somewhere else?

If not, what is your feature code?

Yes, other apps work well in Illustrator and Word all looks ok.
I 'll be glad to show you my feature code but how can I do that?

Perhaps it is a bug or incomplete OT implementation in Photoshop CS6…? And perhaps that is fixed already. Have you tested newer versions?

All lines you type or paste between triple backticks (```) will appear formatted as code. Right after the initial triple backticks, you can specify the language (python, text). E.g.:

sub a by b;
sub c by d;

… will be rendered as:

sub a by b;
sub c by d;

Oh, you have just made my day! Thank you very much!!! Truly it was just in Photoshop CS6 problem! In other versions, CS4, for example, all works perfectly! Thank you very much again!!!

About CS6: I wonder whether there wasn’t another setting in the way.

What do you mean?

A setting in CS6 that prevented the it feature from executing. The fact that it does in previous versions is a hint in this direction.

Maybe you are right… I’m not an expert in this field :upside_down_face:

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