Problem with copy/paste into

I have a file with a number of icons each on within its own artboard (originally created in Illustrator - it imports fine). With each artboard I have several layers; a grid (locked), a label (locked), a frame (no stroke/fill) and the icon (solid fill) itself. When I move the icons into Glyphs to create the glyphs/ligatures I typically copy both the frame and the icon enabling me to accurately position and scale the icon. This process has worked flawlessly for years using Illustrator, but I’ve run into a problem since I’ve moved to Affinity Designer. The frame (a square) is NEVER included in the copy/paste regardless of it being selected, filled, stroked, grouped with the icon on anything. What’s even odder is that ANY square/rect appears not be copied over to Glyphs.
Really unsure what’s happening here, but have had to move back to Illustrator as I don’t have time to debug this.

Hmm cannot reproduce, I can copy rectangles and squares from AI to Glyphs. Can you send me an AI file (containing paths that do not copy over) please to support (at) (this website without www). I will have a look.

And which versions of AI and Glyphs are you using?

He is using Affinity Designer.

What you can do is to move one of the corners of the rect in Designer. This converts the rect into a path and that is copied fine.

I’ll have a look.