Problem with cursive positioning in InDesign


I am working on a calligraphy based Font which heavily uses cursive positioning and ligatures.
Below is a screenshot from Glyphs, where connection between hah and qaf is ok.

This is what i get in InDesign (CC latest version on Mac 10.15.7):

I have checked and rechecked all the entry exit anchors.
Works with other letters,

Any help regarding this issue is appreciated.

Thanks and regards.

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Does qaf have both its entry and exit anchors on the baseline? What happens if you move the complete (dotless) qaf up 100 units, including the anchors?

I had a similar situation recently, but could not reproduce it anymore.

the qaf is based on fehDotless, as it should be.
fehDotless has proper entry and exit anchors.
Entry anchor is 5 pt above basline, and exit anchor is 5 pt below.

It lookes like the problem is only with qaf-ar.medi and teh-ar.medi.

I solved the problem by adding entry anchor to the qaf-ar.medi itself, which is sort of a hack, but it worked for now.


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will mail it later tonight.

Having a similar problem:
A fonts that has entry exit anchors works fine on Adobe Illustrator but NOT on Indesign !

Have enabled the World Ready composer?

All Composer options were tested in the Paragraph - submenu definitions (Indesign)
I’ll email a few specimens comparing between Glyphs V. 2 & V.3 results after export from the same file !!