Problem with dcroat

When I generate the character ‘dcroat’, the side bearings seems to be messed up if I don’t set the anchor for d. This caused trouble sometimes when I just don’t want to set anchor for d. Is this intentional or is it a bug?

Which anchor? You need anchors for automatic alignment if you want to combine d and a crossbar.

Okay, this is how I did it:

  1. Generate strokecomb, command u at strokecomb and then generate dcroat. I then noticed that the sidebearings of the dcroat is messed up, rather than directly inherit from d.
  2. I go to d and command U. The problem go away.
    I want to ask that the messed up sidebearings part is intended or is it a bug? It’s seem like a bug, because with other character I have not experience any messed up sidebearings (except for the idotless+accent, which is exactly like the d; I probably have to cmd u at idotless). How can I just generate the dcroat and drag the strokecomb however I wish, without setting anchors to d?

There is two things I do not understand:

  1. Why do you not want anchors in your d? The center anchor is exclusively for the strokeshortcomb.
  2. How is the sidebearing ‘messed up’? The d can still be automatically aligned, and the crossbar moved freely, and it will keep the width of the d.

Perhaps you can make a screen cast with QuickCast?