Problem with exporting

I am a student who is studying Chinese font.
I use GAN learn on handwritten font.
And generate handwritten Chinese characters based on someone’s handwritings

These have traditional Chinese common 4808 words and total sizes is 137.2MB
Then I use the Glyphs Python Scripting API to write a script to import images into Glyphs.
Also adjust image position and image size.
like the following image.

but I can’t export font
I get this message

There was a problem converting the PostScript source font. (Regular)

I have already disable Remove overlap and Autohint
also disable Subroutinization
I don’t know how to solve this problem.
Or Glyphs can’t insert images to make font?

another problem is that Glyphs provide Chinese encode is GB2312 can i change to CJK Unified Ideographs?


What kind of font do you want to export? Placed bitmap images can be exported as sbix, but the file needs to be set up differently.

I want to export as TTF.

You want outlines or bitmaps to show up when you type the letters?

The entries in the sidebar are not the encoding of the font. It is just a list of glyphs you can add to your font. You can add any number of glyphs. See this tutorial (in Chinese):

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I see

If you want a bitmap font, read this tutorial:

Ok, I will study it.

I have a new problem
I create all I need glyphs by python script
This is my code

import os
path="/Users/tzu-heng/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/common/"

for fn in dirs:
    if fn.endswith('.png'):
        #print fn
            myGlyph = GSGlyph()
   = "uni"+fn[3:][:-4]
            print (
            print fn[3:][:-4]
            myGlyph.unicode = fn[3:][:-4]
            print "Generate" , fn[:-4]
            print "There is a glyph with the name "+'"'+fn[3:][:-4]+'"'+" already in the font."

It works!
But I have problems with efficiency.
I added 4808 glyphs.
It will spend a long time
Glyphs application Will also happen “No respond”
How can I improve this problem?

I wouldn’t put the image files in the application support folder. Put it in a folder where you store your font project.

import os
path="~/Documents/font Project/"
glyphs = []
for fn in dirs:
    if fn.endswith('.png'):
            print "Generate", fn[:-4]
            uniHex = fn[3:7]
            myGlyph = GSGlyph()
   = "uni"+ uniHex
            myGlyph.unicode = uniHex
            print "There is a glyph with the name "+'"'+ uniHex +'"'+" already in the font."
if len(glyphs) > 0

thank you very much