Problem with font in Premiere CC

How can this be explained? The font displays properly in all other (Adobe and other) applications, the contour directions are correct in both the glyph files and the font files, yet in Premiere Pro CC, some glyphs in various weights have an issue with the contour direction, ending up filled instead of hollow. Any ideas?

I would need to take a look at the .glyphs and .otf file.

I sent you a message. Thanks

I am also curious about what this issue might be.

@mekkablue Did you have a chance to look at the files I sent you?

It seems to have been a mixture of:

  1. unusual stem and zone settings (follow the autohinting tutorial, and you’re good)
  2. unusual UPM (Premiere seems to expect CFFs with 1000 UPM)
  3. incorrect Weight and Width values in the instance

I made the changes step by step and I think it was the UPM that caused the specific issue.