Problem with OFFSET CURVE filter / Question on making an (auto-) Bold

Every time I try to apply the OFFSET CURVE (Verfetten) filter, Glyphs crashes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a complete font or just a simple square shape - it crashes. Is it a bug or am I missing something? I’m using Glyphs’ version 1.3.18 (445) on OS X 10.6.8.

Btw, what would be the normal way to create a Bold in Glyphs? In other font creating software I’d apply the bold filter, slightly increase the x-height and adjust the width, then rework the results. For the boldening, I find it quite handy to have the ‘preserve vertical size’ (fontographer) / ‘keep glyph dimensions’ (FontLab) feature. Is there an equivalent in Glyphs?

Can you send me a crash report?

For the bolding workflow: The ‘keep glyph dimensions’ functionality has a big problem. The result of the boldening is scaled down to the original bounding box of the outline. This gives quite different results for letters with ascenders that with x-height glyphs.
I would measure the necessary down scaling on the “x” glyph and then use that scaling factor in the transformation filter with vertical position 1/2 x-height for lower case and 1/2 cap-height for the upper case. Then you only need to manually adjust the ascender and descender height.

Hej Georg,

thanks a lot for the explanation, makes sense to me now.

I just sent you the crash report to glyphsapp’s ‘info’-address.

Cheers, Ari