Problem with positioned components losing their position

I got a font file which I started years back in G2 and it contains some glyphs that are made of a pixel component. I puzzled these pixels into shape, spending hours over the time.

Now I occasionally work on that file (since years in G3) and every now and then I see that these puzzled glyphs are a complete mess. All the pixels sit side by side and not where they have been.

I have fixed these glyphs several times (spending a lot of time) and now again they are broken.

Please note that the components do not have automatic alignment on.

What is causing this, and how can I fix this once for all? I can never ship updates of the font without spending an hour of silly re-puzzling those pixels into place each time, very frustrating.

For fonts like this, you should disable automatic alignment in Font Info > Other.

Not sure what you mean with “fonts like this”. It is a normal font (Gintronic), and it also uses components with automatic alignment. But it also contains some glyphs that are constructed like described.

So should I still disable that globally for the font? My belly would refuse to do so.

And also, why does this happen? The components have automatic alignment off, so I expect them to stay where I put them.

I meant a pixel font bild from components.

Then you can use a script a force disable the alignment for all components. Then you can enable the alignment on the font to use in to align composite glyphs.

Pardon my ignorance, but I still don’t understand why I have to jump through those hoops, while there is an option to not auto-align components, which I use and which is even the default setting for such components, but still my components fly all over the place.

Shouldn’t that be solved in the app instead?

And if I would make the script, what shall it do with the components? The auto alignment is already off.

So to be clear you understand my goal: I don’t want the components to be auto aligned. I only need them to stay where I move(d) them manually. I don’t think that this is a very special use case.

I understand now. If the components are set to not align, they shouldn’t. Can you send me a file where they do align anyway?